Mahir is available to provide the most beautiful shades of reds for holiday inspired arrangements.  Choose from roses, orchids, berries and more and allow us to create a unique arrangement to share with your loved ones.






Say “Happy Thanksgiving” With Flowers

From simple arrangements to unique masterpieces, fresh flowers will brighten the mood for any occasion during the holiday season.   Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply accepting an invitation, there’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than with flowers.   There is so much to choose from, fresh bouquets, beautiful centerpieces and even creative ideas for pumpkins and succulents.  With thoughts of delightful festivities and special dates coupled with close family and dear friends, we are reminded of what matters most.

Live in the moment.  Enjoy every minute.  Make sure you bring the flowers.





Fall Brilliance In Full Beauty

That chill in the air has moved in and it is now time for our beloved fall wardrobe.  Just as our favorite designers have revealed their impressive autumnal collections, nature has presented a stunning collection of “floral couture”.  The rich colors and lush textures of those leaves and petals are pure perfection.  Take time to observe them.  Their beauty is reflected in everything, from clothing and accessories to cosmetics and jewelry. Be inspired by their brilliance.   Connect with their beauty.

soft pink

Pink Daisy and Pink Nails with Floral Hand Jewelry

vibrant mum and moncler2

Vibrant Mums and Moncler!


And, of course, there is nothing as timeless as the brilliance and beauty of camellias and chanel.

Florals From Fashion Week

Floral FW 2015

Floral prints that once seemed confined to summer ensembles were seen in darker colors and thicker fabrics that felt more fall appropriate. Velvet and floral brocade appeared to billow down the runways thanks to the flared cuts and rich color palette. Vibrant reds, deep purples, emerald greens and electric blues created an eye-catching catwalk with surprising movement and texture.

Floral FW 2015 2


Adam Lippes 2015-2016 Autumn Collection

Karen Walker 2015-2016 Fall Autumn Winter

Floral appliques adorned both the heavier fabrics and sheers as shift dresses and ankle grazing garments.

Dolce & Gabbana

Diane von Furstenberg


Temptation Tuesday : Labor Day Party Inspiration

September already?! How can it be…

If you’re planning on entertaining this Labor Day weekend, we’ve got some end-of-summer decorating ideas to inspire you.

Home Entertaining Decor Tips from Be Inspired PR | Rue: Home Entertaining Decor Tips from Be Inspired PR | Rue

A black and white color scheme feels summery and modern, and looks perfect for an evening get-together.

Patriotic touches are festive finishing touches

All white parties are also a popular Labor Day theme.

Home Entertaining Decor Tips from Be Inspired PR | Rue: Home Entertaining Decor Tips from Be Inspired PR | Rue
Ashley Brooke’s Southern Gem in the Sunshine State | Rue: Ashley Brooke’s Southern Gem in the Sunshine State | Rue


For fun party supplies, check out Tomkat Studio‘s online store.


Weekend Gifts For Your Gracious Host(ess)!

If you’re like most people vacating the city in search of waterfront pastures, you probably have a checklist of essentials to bring with you. It’s easy to forget something amidst the mayhem of leaving work, beating traffic and arranging travel plans with multiple people.

Worrying about being a “good guest” probably isn’t the first thing on your mind..

Vintage-Suitcases bon voyage

Not to worry. When planning ahead isn’t a possibility, these easy gift ideas can help.

Preserved roses

Aside from being beautiful, preserved roses are a great gift simply because they won’t die. Hassle-free to travel with and small enough to fit in your suitcase, preserved roses come in a variety of colors for every personality and interior style.

We have these in our store front right now sitting on crystals that can be re-used as candle holders.

Succulents are another easy gift idea.


Have them re-potted in metallic or opaque vases to add an element of glamour, or pot them yourself in mason jars for a rustic feel. Cacti also work.

Terrariums are a compact way of traveling with your cactus or succulent present.

The Mahir team designed the terrarium below for a customer in need of a hostess gift last weekend. We used crushed up ceramic pieces in a brown-ish metallic color with a few shiny mancala beads. The plants inside are all succulents, but cactus could have been included as well.

Bon Voyage!

Temptation Tuesdays : Nocturnal Retreats

With the final days of summer upon us, spending time outside especially at night will soon be a distant memory. We’ve found some inspiring outdoor spaces worthy of relaxing with friends and enjoying dinner parties. It’s

This is really simple but I like some of the ideas and the simplicity. Perfect! #mrsbaer

Light up your reception site with these spectacular hanging string lights.

wrapping tree trunks and branches in strings of twinkly lights will light up the whole backyard!

Under the Stars Tween / Teen Girl Birthday Party via Karas Party Ideas - So many great ideas for a star themed party!

Even the smallest outdoor space can be transformed by hanging lights and candle votives.

What a beautiful idea for DIY wedding decor! Looks like floating bubbles all lit up - just imagine how it looks at night. We have LED tea light candles in different colors to match your wedding colors:

Lantern strings and ivy are an easy and whimsical combination.

String up lights and lanterns around your outdoor space to give an enchanting twinkle to any garden party. The soft glow will invite everyone to linger outside.

Mason jars keep flames safely contained as candle holders, lanterns and shades. Use them as centerpieces or hang them as pendant lights. There is a great DIY for hanging mason jars here.

DIY Mason Jar Light

You can make them more decorative by using different stones or sand on the bottom, or by tying some sort of ribbon around the tops.

DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Wedding center piece addition - instead of wine glasses, you could always get votives at the dollar store. They sell all kinds of sizes. Idk if we have any in our area, but back home we have this mega dollar store with lots of cool, nice quality home items for super cheap (like <$5). We can look around for one in New England for DIY centerpiece items!

Tin cans with punched holes also work well.

Empty glass bottles are another lighting option. You can find short light strings here  and longer options here. Lights can either be inserted through the top of the bottle or drilled in through the side.

Another cool idea to make a garden that actually glows is to stage flower lighting as if it were the real thing.

Grapevine orbs are another easy DIY. You can find them anywhere in the flower district or at your local arts and crafts store.


Wedding Woes : Cost-cutting Tips for Table Decor

Let’s face it. Weddings are EXPENSIVE. Most people cringe at the thought of planning their dream day around a budget and reluctantly anticipate the additional stress that is sure to come. By the time they’ve picked out the perfect dress, venue, cake, invitations and bridesmaids, they’ve already gone over budget, changed the party theme, and reevaluated this whole marriage thing.

That’s usually when the bride’s panic-stricken self is taxed with the details of table settings and centerpieces..

Wedding WoesThe agony.

Our first budget friendly suggestion would have to be candles. Candles are a fabulous way to add glitz and glam to your wedding reception without breaking the bank. There’s a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes out there that you can order online (usually in bulk).

Twinkling centerpieces create a warm and inviting aura at any venue.

If your budget is really tight, you can incorporate candles with less flowers by floating them in water. You can usually find clear glass (or heavy plastic) cylinders like these ones online (these ones even come with candles).

Add a mirror as the base to reflect light and add volume to each centerpiece. Mirrors makes everything feel clean and elegant!

Fruit is another budget friendly idea

strawberry centerpiece

Martha Stewart Living featured these strawberries

And if you want to get really fancy, you can combine the sliced fruit with the floating candles (as shown below)

You can even use vegetables if they’re the right color for your occasion. The person below got creative with artichokes.

Accessorizing is another important part of the decor, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Choose a few high impact pieces to focus on and use less expensive table accessories to compliment them.

For more cost-cutting secrets, check out this article on the Huffington Post

Flashback Friday : Made by Mahir

mirrored set up

TGIF!!! Thought we would start the weekend off right with some shots…. of the Mahir team’s past work! These first few photos are good examples of how arrangements can be amplified by mirrors. It’s a great way to display flowers when you want a look that’s edgy and modern, but not boring and sterile. Varying heights and textures make the reflections that much more interesting and multi-dimensional.

Set up   thatch arrangement

The pictures of the pink orchids below are from an event we did with the Kuwait Mission.

UN Kuwait event 2

Not wedding- United Nations Kuwait event

UN Kuwait event

Cipriani Event   IMG_4298 Hydrangeas from the store and another from a wedding

_DSC3806   _DSC3750


IMG_4546   Picture1


10537447_781846731860449_1117288455741365536_n   photo (17)