Significance in color


Although there are some difference in opinions  about different meaning of different colored roses but without much controversy I can say no matter what color you pick, a rose will surely brighten your or your loved ones day!


To begin, red roses without a doubt is the most romantic one. It has everything to do with love and passion. Want to show your appreciation for beauty & perfection ? How about a bunch or just a single stem of Red rose?


Pink roses are symbol of admiration & sweetness. Right after red , pink roses are next in line in popularity. It also portrays grace and elegance.


Purity, innocence, serenity is all you can think of when you take a look at a beautiful stem of white rose. White roses are traditionally related to new beginnings. It is for sure a perfect beauty.


Orange rose is the wild child of the rose family!  Bold and beautiful orange roses portrays energy, enthusiasm and bursting passion!


Got a new friend or want to appreciate an existing one? Send them yellow roses! Yellow rose symbolizes friendship, joy and good health …all that you can ask for a good friend.


Dark pink roses are great way of showing gratitude and appreciation. Thank someone with a bunch of  gorgeous dark pink roses any day now!

Color can be a preference or a way of expressing yourself! After all, we all know rose says it all.


Flowers need no excuse !


If there is one thing that would definitely cheer you up in a gloomy Monday that is flowers. Well, it may not be the only thing but it does definitely promise pleasure to the eyes and soul!

A fresh bunch of flowers or an unique arrangement or something of your choice will surely brighten up your day in a second.


Flowers spread love by just being flowers! They need no reason, no excuse or an occasion to spread warmth and affection.  We can only wish people were the same then the world would have been a better place. Don’t you think?


Smile away and spread love…perhaps try to be more like flowers?

Floral February

Amore resized

Valentine’s day and flowers can be interchangeable as we step into February and feel the abundance of love blooming all around us. Not that ‘love’ needs any season or reason to celebrate but the month of February has a sense of endearment that brings people close, encourages even the busiest person to take their mind out of the concrete walls and send flowers to their loved one. May it be for a friend, lover, parents, grandparents, co worker, special someone or a mere acquaintance, flower has never failed to express love in the best ways.

Let it be a single stem rose …


or a bright beautiful arrangement,


or something extravagant,


flowers always speak for love silently in a language only known to the heart. So, in this month of February let’s be generous in spreading love and happiness !

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