Weekend Gifts For Your Gracious Host(ess)!

If you’re like most people vacating the city in search of waterfront pastures, you probably have a checklist of essentials to bring with you. It’s easy to forget something amidst the mayhem of leaving work, beating traffic and arranging travel plans with multiple people.

Worrying about being a “good guest” probably isn’t the first thing on your mind..

Vintage-Suitcases bon voyage

Not to worry. When planning ahead isn’t a possibility, these easy gift ideas can help.

Preserved roses

Aside from being beautiful, preserved roses are a great gift simply because they won’t die. Hassle-free to travel with and small enough to fit in your suitcase, preserved roses come in a variety of colors for every personality and interior style.

We have these in our store front right now sitting on crystals that can be re-used as candle holders.

Succulents are another easy gift idea.


Have them re-potted in metallic or opaque vases to add an element of glamour, or pot them yourself in mason jars for a rustic feel. Cacti also work.

Terrariums are a compact way of traveling with your cactus or succulent present.

The Mahir team designed the terrarium below for a customer in need of a hostess gift last weekend. We used crushed up ceramic pieces in a brown-ish metallic color with a few shiny mancala beads. The plants inside are all succulents, but cactus could have been included as well.

Bon Voyage!


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