Temptation Tuesdays : Deluxe Decor

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Adding traditional arrangements to a contemporary room creates a nice juxtaposition that prevents the mood from feeling too sterile or staged.


Deluxe Decor Top_5_fashion_-inspired_-decorating_trends-for_2014_Spring-by-Elle_-Decoration-WhiteBlack-Floral-inspiration_Floral-inspirations

Placing fluffy, soft colored flowers on top of a more pronounced tray table looks inherently more glamorous than say, a plant with crisp lines and dark coloring.

Deluxe Decor books92d66503b3d4462e9464cdca2ca3ec1b

You can really enhance a two-tone room with an interesting vase and bold flower. Something this ephemeral is easy for color commitment-phobes to bounce between different combinations.


Elle-Decor-Spain-living-room-2  7072544125_7823e13feb_z

You can think of accessorizing with Flowers as you would with jewelry. Both should naturally enhance different aspects of the appearance without overwhelming or clashing with it.



Elle decor


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