Wedding Wednesdays : Rustic Charm

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If glitz and glamour aren’t your thing, and you would prefer a simple, more rustic wedding, you can look to nature for inspiration.  Create a comfortable and cozy ambiance with warm lighting, fresh cut flowers and outdoor seating in either a barn or backyard setting. Rustic weddings are also green and budget friendly!

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Rustic, or country weddings, do not demand the opulence of traditional weddings held at landmarks, hotels or other lavish venues. The idea is to incorporate nature and all of it’s splendor into your special day. The fundamental beauty of this style wedding is the simple touches that speak volumes with their personality.

Rustic Wedding 8

Using wood or other natural materials, you can paint signs that outline the day’s activities or evening’s menu.  Wooden plaques or Succulent name tags can be used instead of tented escort cards on long tables draped in clean, white tablecloths. Additional accents like burlap table runners and wildflowers add a burst of texture and vibrant color.

RW Tables

Rustic Wedding 7

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Rustic weddings are perfect for their imperfect touches and lack of predictability. They’re able to combine seemingly unrelated items in a elegant way, creating a feast for the senses. Rustic decorations can be made of twine, wheat, cotton, dried flowers, hay bales, pine cones, fruits, vegetables and vintage items, like bird cages and mason jars.

RW wedding cakes


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