Flashback Friday : Made by Mahir

mirrored set up

TGIF!!! Thought we would start the weekend off right with some shots…. of the Mahir team’s past work! These first few photos are good examples of how arrangements can be amplified by mirrors. It’s a great way to display flowers when you want a look that’s edgy and modern, but not boring and sterile. Varying heights and textures make the reflections that much more interesting and multi-dimensional.

Set up   thatch arrangement

The pictures of the pink orchids below are from an event we did with the Kuwait Mission.

UN Kuwait event 2

Not wedding- United Nations Kuwait event

UN Kuwait event

Cipriani Event   IMG_4298 Hydrangeas from the store and another from a wedding

_DSC3806   _DSC3750


IMG_4546   Picture1


10537447_781846731860449_1117288455741365536_n   photo (17)


Throwback Thursday : June Nuptials


We had the pleasure of working with this beautiful bride on her very special day! Ira Lippke Studios captured these heartwarming moments of Roseane and her husband, along with the spectacular venue and flower arrangements. Congrats again to these newlyweds!!

bride and groom

Roseane Wedding2


Roseane Wedding6

Front Bridal Table

Roseane Wedding9

Roseane Wedding4

Roseane Wedding10

white flowers

Roseane Wedding11


Nautical Nuances

You might not necessarily think of florals when it comes to decorating a beach party or nautical themed gathering, but as you can see from the pictures below, flowers can be used to mimic the ocean’s natural elements like seaweed and starfish, or wind and sand. There are so many options and creative ways to accessorize table settings with votive candles, shells and colored netting.




And if you’re having a summer wedding, an ocean theme might be perfect for you. Flowers are easily incorporated into seaside centerpieces and add a soft, romantic flair without distracting from the oceanic elements. Try nautical accessories, table settings, rope napkin rings, coral & seaweed shaped flowers, and lilies that embody starfish.



beach-wedding-table-decorationshell centerpiece






summer-wedding-ideas-boutonniere-minerva-photography Mini Starfish Boutonnieres
seashell bout

sea shell bout

Seashell bouqBouquets and boutonnieres made with flowers and sea shells are eye-catching and unique.

seashell bouq 2
mason jar beachSeashell terrariums in mason jars make for a more compact display that’s easier to transport and clean up, especially if you are using sand and setting them on dining tables.

mason jar terrariums These also make great wedding favors for guests and chic home accessories.

orchid  beach

Craftbug has a handful of creative DIYs for candles and garlands.

Temptation Tuesdays : Floral Flavors


In honor (or anguish) of the scorching heat wave we’ve been experiencing these last couple days, this Tuesday is all about sweet floral inspirations. Weather you’re hosting a BBQ or traveling to the beach, these sweet treats are sure to brighten your day and leave you with a better taste of nature.

Tulip-Ice-Cream Tulip Ice Cream Bowls

Rock_My_Mouth_Lime_Coconut_Sorbet1 Lime & Coconut Sorbet

Edible flowers can have a longer shelf-life than you may think. By painting the petals with an egg-white wash or another one of these simple recipes, they can be refrigerated for two weeks or frozen up to six weeks. Most chefs recommended using a soft brush and choosing flowers with larger petals, like pansies. After painting, dust the petals with super-fine granulated sugar and dry it. Store preserved flowers in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Avoid dark-colored petals as they turn even darker with this treatment.



For cocktails and desserts, use sweeter blooms like violet, rose, or lemon verbena petals. Spicier petals like garlic, rosemary, nasturtium or chive flowers are better for savory dishes.

844e469defc4e046a7b66266d2d51d01 3D Flower Jello



Whenever you use edible flowers, it’s important to make sure that they are in fact edible, meaning that they aren’t poisonous or grown with pesticides. The flowers of most culinary herbs are safe, but you have to be careful when purchasing them from random garden centers or nurseries because many of them aren’t grown for consumption.


Hydrangea Cupcakes


Violet Cupcakes

edible-flower-ideas-for-your-wedding-table-12-500x751   painted-wedding-cake

Honey-Coconut-Milk-Ice-Cream-with-edible-flowers-0000194545441 Honey Coconut Milk Ice Cream with Edible Flower Topping (Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegetarian)

Monday : Monochromatic Mélange

Deluxe Decor  Light Purples

Monochromatic flower arrangements sound more intimidating than they actually are. Generally they’re done in various shades of the same color, with a mix of different flower shapes and sizes. Depending on the vase you use and the area you choose to display them, monochromatic combos can feel modern or eclectic, formal or casual.

6276c8fc9e7ea92423f4edb64e24115f  6d0ed6e118c1f4f9ab2bc0b4bec7d897424046ee4ac9475c1f31dff2525c5b73

4ef89e9627f26761cc7afa1c8f57cc0f  9bcc828ab56eb4295519ab5f0866587a


Dark Reds and Purples


pink ombre




Temptation Tuesdays : Deluxe Decor

6a00e55225716d88330115708b427f970b 1-Betsey_Johnson_pink_NYC_home

Adding traditional arrangements to a contemporary room creates a nice juxtaposition that prevents the mood from feeling too sterile or staged.


Deluxe Decor Top_5_fashion_-inspired_-decorating_trends-for_2014_Spring-by-Elle_-Decoration-WhiteBlack-Floral-inspiration_Floral-inspirations

Placing fluffy, soft colored flowers on top of a more pronounced tray table looks inherently more glamorous than say, a plant with crisp lines and dark coloring.

Deluxe Decor books92d66503b3d4462e9464cdca2ca3ec1b

You can really enhance a two-tone room with an interesting vase and bold flower. Something this ephemeral is easy for color commitment-phobes to bounce between different combinations.


Elle-Decor-Spain-living-room-2  7072544125_7823e13feb_z

You can think of accessorizing with Flowers as you would with jewelry. Both should naturally enhance different aspects of the appearance without overwhelming or clashing with it.



Elle decor

Metallic Monday : Let it shine




Tarnished silver looks shabby chic especially when paired with different shades of pink and white. Add a touch of glamour to your daily routine by setting a small one on your desk or nightstand. Metal is great for reflecting sun and candlelight, which creates a sublime ambiance for whatever gathering you may be hosting.  Sun kissed metal looks magical outside.



By incorporating silver linens and mixed glasses at various heights, the table is interesting to look at but still inviting to sit down at. A feeling of grandeur can be emulated by combining fake crystals and stringing them from random vases or chandeliers.

white-rose-centerpieces     Hydrangeas-and-Roses-in-Large-Mercury-Glass-Vase-600x900     16410d6a0eedb376325345c6493fec20




And as for Gold, it’s more versatile than you may think. It adds warmth and glamour to cool backdrops and a snazzy flair to home dining.



gold vase for wedding centerpieces-

If you’re still worried that metallic might be too formal for your home or party table, try using a more casual shape like a silver mason jar or flower pot. A matte finish furthers the relaxed feel.




gold-painted-mason-jars-5     GlitterMasonJars1

Metallic Mon

Picking the perfect centerpiece


Choosing centerpieces can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t done it before. If you’re like many of us who reluctantly select the flowers, colors and height of the arrangement, the last thing you’ll want to do is math. Thankfully there are plenty of online guides with general measurements to walk you through the process.

Round-Table-Wedding-CenterpiecesRound Table Pink Centerpieces


The general rule-of-thumb for round tables is to allow 15″ to 20″ of table space per person. This space is measured going from the edge of the table inward. For rectangular tables, allow between 2 to 2 1/2″ feet per person. For a better explanation you can consult this Table Guide.


Betwixt Studio | www.betwixtstudio.com Lifestyle photographer Maurice Wright specializes in modern weddings, urban and outdoor engagement sessions, and contemporary portraits.

Thursday’s Theme : Baby Showers

Secret Garden Baby Shower

A baby shower flower theme is perfect because babies and flowers are so much alike — pure, beautiful and sweet!! These showers are cute and inexpensive too, since you can set the party indoors or outdoors. All you need is a sunny day and a beautiful garden to decorate the party for you, as well as a few special touches…

Baby shower bird cagebaby shower flower pink

If the outdoors isn’t an option on your special day, there are plenty of ways you can transform a dining room or venue into a whimsical secret garden. By incorporating fresh cut centerpieces, pastel table linens and baby inspired place settings, you can make any room feel magical.

baby shower shoes flowers View More: http://mercedessnowphotography.pass.us/Qlpc7127618

baby shower table arrangement baby shower purple tables

Create fun, individual arrangements for guests to take home at the end of the party by combining flowers, reusable glasses and cute playful accessories. The milkshakes below can be recreated with carnations, peonies, mums or cabbage roses, along with straws, colorful red and pink string, and matching bows.

baby shower flower jars

baby shower shoe

baby showers flowers

Hot air balloon baby shower baby shower purple table baby shower name flowers

Don’t be overwhelmed by all of the pink – there are lots of options for little boys too!

Boy baby showerbaby boy baby letter

baby shower flower blue

Baby boy shower bowl

baby shower mason jar boy

Baby boy butterfly hydrangeas

Wedding Wednesdays : Rustic Charm

Rustic Wedding 5   Rustic Wedding 4

If glitz and glamour aren’t your thing, and you would prefer a simple, more rustic wedding, you can look to nature for inspiration.  Create a comfortable and cozy ambiance with warm lighting, fresh cut flowers and outdoor seating in either a barn or backyard setting. Rustic weddings are also green and budget friendly!

Rustic Wedding 2   Rustic Wedding Cookie Bar

Rustic, or country weddings, do not demand the opulence of traditional weddings held at landmarks, hotels or other lavish venues. The idea is to incorporate nature and all of it’s splendor into your special day. The fundamental beauty of this style wedding is the simple touches that speak volumes with their personality.

Rustic Wedding 8

Using wood or other natural materials, you can paint signs that outline the day’s activities or evening’s menu.  Wooden plaques or Succulent name tags can be used instead of tented escort cards on long tables draped in clean, white tablecloths. Additional accents like burlap table runners and wildflowers add a burst of texture and vibrant color.

RW Tables

Rustic Wedding 7

Rustic WeddingRustic Wedding 6











Rustic weddings are perfect for their imperfect touches and lack of predictability. They’re able to combine seemingly unrelated items in a elegant way, creating a feast for the senses. Rustic decorations can be made of twine, wheat, cotton, dried flowers, hay bales, pine cones, fruits, vegetables and vintage items, like bird cages and mason jars.

RW wedding cakes